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Naomi Goldenberg

Coaching & Counselling

Is Coaching for me?

In today’s world it's easy get lost in the surplus of “self-help” information and find it hard to apply to our specific problems and life. Coaching can bridge the gap between where we currently find ourselves and where we are striving to be. It provides us tools for our problem-solving repertoire and acts as a catalyst for change!

I believe it is important to utilize an interdisciplinary approach to Mental Health. What I've found most profound in my practice is that people are diverse- growth often requires a uniquely individualized curriculum.  

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"Naomi is an insightful coach with an intuitive knack for getting to the root of an issue in a gentle yet direct way. She is sensitive to the willingness of her clients to work through difficult personal issues and handles herself and her coaching interactions with skill and grace. Her ability to deal with her clients in language that they are comfortable with and at a speed where they are challenged yet feel safe is one of her many strengths as a coach. I am grateful for all the work she has done with me and consider anyone who shares the same experience fortunate."

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A bit about me...

Move toward what enlivens you, what sets your souls on fire.
My life-long inquiry has been in wisdom, growth and consciousness. I am fascinated how we unearth inner wisdom and strength to find meaning in our daily lives.
I graduated from the University of Toronto, focused in Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health and Wisdom studies. Curious in understanding the human experience, I studied consciousness and searched for the universal truths in the great religions of the world. Much of my research has been in grounding “spiritual concepts” in Cognitive Science. I am trained in many forms of therapy; Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Bereavement Therapy, Hypnosis, and Traditional Psychoanalysis.
I am continually engaging with courses and material in therapeutic and growth-oriented programs. I have taken, CTI Co-active Training, Landmark, Jungian studies, too many online programs, and have worked with the PHD Wisdom and Identity Lab at OISE Developmental Psychology and Education.
Helping people grow is my greatest source of joy and meaning. 
I love and live this stuff. I believe when people are loved and understood, they can grow, find personal wisdom, and prosper.

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